Monday, 10 June 2013

Changing the zombie art of a CUSTOM ROM

Changing the zombie art of a CUSTOM ROM

First of all, what is "zombie art"..??

>>> It is that image that is displayed by your phone when you tap the android version in Settings/About phone

This guide is meant for all Cyanogenmod roms ie. CM7,CM9,CM10,CM10.

What you need..??

1>> your zipped custom rom

2>> WinRAR (for zipping and unzipping roms)

3>> some degree of carefulness.

4>> Working Brain.

First of all please take a nandroid backup of your current rom incase anything goes wrong. I m nt responsible for it.


1) unzip your rom into a folder. Name it anything that you like.

2) navigate to system/framework/ and copy the framework-res.apk file to another folder.

3) change the extension from .apk to .zip

4) extract this file into a folder.

5) inside the extracted folder, navigate to res/drawable-nodpi

6) inside this folder you will find many files. but here we will only deal with platlogo.png

7) Replace this .png file with the one you like but be sure that its name remains "platlogo.png". you can find the .png files for ics and jellybean

in the attachments.

8) Now zip the files (the but with the changes made and name it the same ie "".

9) change the extension of this zipped file to .apk

10) place it back in the system/framework/ directory .

11) zip the rom folders using WinRAR.

12) when you flash this zip file which that was edited this way, you will have the desired image when you tap on Android version in

Settings>About phone

13)please note that you can replace the original platlogo.png with any image file: provided you rename your desired file as platlogo.png.

If you have a .jpeg image, the edit it using Paint or any image editor and save the file as .png one.


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